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Want an amazing, satisfying sex life? Renowned urologist Dudley Danoff, MD, knows tried-and-true ways to empower the penis to reach true sexual satisfaction.

In his latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: How to Stay Vital at Any Age, Dr. Danoff shares the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction, and fantasies of men and women alike; and alleviates the shame, curiosity, and misinformation so many of us have, replacing them with knowledge, pride, and self-confidence.

Dispelling locker-room myths about performance and size, Dr. Danoff entices us to read further about the penis and its master, the brain—where all fantasies and anticipation begin and where our innermost desires run free. According to Dr. Danoff, “Penis power is 1% between the legs and 99% between the ears.” It’s rare that an organic condition causes a man’s inability to perform, so delight in knowing that sex is an equal opportunity benefit offered to all! Who knew?

So in what areas do men need to increase their knowledge to have a more satisfying sex life?

  • UNDERINFORMED, MISINFORMED, REPRESSED: Even reputable, well-trained doctors may be shy or need more education about discussing sensitive sexual issues. It’s time to confidently address the majestic penis in social company, especially with our partners. After all, it has powers akin to Houdini and beyond! Why deny ourselves conversation about achieving enviable, passionate sexual power?
  • SEX AND THE BRAIN: A WINNING COLLABORATION: The brain has everything to do with our sexual history. How we think of ourselves matters—if you feel healthy, capable, and frisky, there’s no reason sex can’t go on to an indefinite age. Sexual experiences can even be enhanced with aging, as years of experience and understanding our mate’s needs are well-honed. Dr. Danoff reminds us, “You do not stop having sex because you get old; you get old because you stop having sex.”
  • ROMANCE AND INTIMACY: Never discount the value of a hug, a touch, warm breath on the skin, or scents as ardent stimulators. Intimacy and gratifying sex involve so much more than the sexual act itself.

“Do not lose faith in your ability to improve your sexuality,” says Dr. Danoff. Words to live and love by.


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