Are Prescription Medications Affecting Your Penis Power?

A television producer that I had treated for a urinary infection came to see me. The minute I walked into the examining room, I could tell from his facial expression that he had not come to see me only about the infection. Whatever was on his mind was serious, and not something he found easy [...]

At Last, The Real Deal Online

We are talking about Viagra, the best-selling drug for erectile dysfunction. Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra, has taken the unusual step of selling its erectile dysfunction drug directly to consumers on its website in an effort to establish a presence in the huge online market. The “little blue pill” is one of the most counterfeited [...]

Size Indeed Matters, Suggests Male Attractiveness Study

Here we go again: Does size matter? Was Freud wrong when he said, “Women have penis envy”? In my experience, women have penis curiosity, and men—wondering if their penis is long enough or wide enough—have penis envy. Freud asked, “What does a woman want?” A new study from Australia suggests that she wants a guy [...]

Penis Size and Augmentation

Let’s get the facts on the table at the outset: There is no legitimate or safe way to enlarge your penis! The size of your penis is genetically determined. It is not related to race, height, weight, shoe size, or hand size. […]

The Health Benefits of Having Sex

Nothing is more wonderful for the human spirit, body, and mind than the free and uninhibited expression of sexuality. Nothing is more glorious than the joyful sharing of physical pleasure between two generous, enthusiastic human beings. A current plague of confusion and self-consciousness causes most men to have less sex than they would like, and [...]

Birth Control Pills For Men, Not Yet!

I recently appeared on the television show The Doctors to answer questions about the development of a male contraceptive pill. A lot of interest has been generated because researchers have focused their efforts over the past several years on developing a male contraceptive similar to the female pill. Although this research has been going on [...]

Young at Heart, Young in Person

An ageless love life begins with a confident approach toward sex. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by exploring the possibilities—don’t let your age stop you. I cannot reiterate this point enough: attitude is the key to penis longevity. My superpotent patients tell me that sex gives them as much joy at seventy as it did at twenty. [...]

Don’t Let Penis Weakness Spoil Your Valentine’s Day

Since the month of February brings us Valentine’s Day and expectations of love, romance, and sex, now is a good time to discuss the epidemic of penis weakness—and how to avoid it. I have witnessed an increased development of penis weakness over the last forty years. It is worth analyzing the social conditions that have [...]

Performance Anxiety: How to Face It and Erase It!

Something’s wrong with me, Doc,” said Steve, a thirty-nine-year-old lawyer. “I want a complete urologic workup.” I asked him what the trouble was. “I met this great woman,” he said. “We had a terrific first date on Valentine’s Day. She invited me in, one thing led to another, and before I knew it we were [...]

Fostering a Healthy Sex Life Fosters a Healthy Relationship

When was the last time you tried something new with your partner? Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to shake up your sex life. Forget the rules—and create your own. […]