Dudley S. Danoff, MD, FACS is the attending urologic surgeon and founder/president of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Tower Urology Group in Los Angeles, California.  To view his complete medical bio, please click here.

Dr. Dudley DanoffHi. My name is Dr. Dudley Danoff. I am a full-time practicing urologic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Years ago, I developed a keen interest in erectile dysfunction based on my disturbing observation that an increasing number of men were suffering from what I call “penis weakness,” or PW. I noted that there was very little discussion within the urologic community about the significance of this problem in male genital health.

As I looked deeper into this major issue, I realized that the stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction and other penis problems was a force that had been plaguing not only men in modern times but also probably men throughout all of history. I began to speak out and write about the principal characteristics of this alarming pandemic and discovered a deep reality about men and their relationships to their penises: the vast majority of males were severely undereducated about their penises, from its physical function to its effects on their psyche. And for too many years, men who have suffered from self-doubt and anxiety caused by PW have done so without any guidance from the medical community—especially not from the professional urologic community.

Coming to the realization that something needed to be done, I set out to write what I hoped would be the all-inclusive guide to the major factors affecting male sexual health. My aim is to replace ignorance and mythology with factual information and to replace self-doubt with confidence. My goal is to help every man realize and achieve the sex life he desires.

As a busy urologic surgeon in Los Angeles, California, I have seen more than 200,000 penises in my professional lifetime. While each is unique, just as hands and feet are unique, they are also remarkably alike anatomically. However, there is enormous variation in how they function in their sexual capacities. I have observed that these differences in functionality and capacity have very little to do with the anatomy of a particular penis or even with a man’s size, looks, level of success, wealth, or status.

Mainly, functionality and performance is about how men perceive their own penises. In addition to understanding its biological functions, every man must learn that his penis is an organ of expression. What gives it its power is much more than the condition of its blood vessels and nerves.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health advocates a transformative concept based on positive thinking. Applying the power of positive thought to your penis can change your entire life.

Your penis is what you think it is. It is as big as you think it is. It is as reliable as you think it is. It is as potent as you think it is.

This is the message of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health.

—Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS

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