Discover the Secrets of Men’s Sexual Health and Satisfaction

There’s no shame in wanting the fun parts to work right. This book goes a long way in telling you how.

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher

  • Banish stress from the bedroom and make sex fun again!
  • Get the facts about BPH and prostate cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, testosterone replacement, and more.
  • Learn the psychological and physical causes of ED.
  • Discover the truth about “blue pills” and other options for treating ED.
  • Learn simple exercises and lifestyle changes for improving sexual control and confidence.
  • Find instructions on how to achieve a healthy and active sex life.
  • Discover options for addressing physical problems and health-related issues.


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A probing and entertaining analysis of the mysteries, legends, and misconceptions surrounding the organ that has preoccupied the world ever since Eve bit the apple!

Leo A. Gordon, MD, Associate Director of Surgical Education, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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Breaking the barriers of silence and embarrassment, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health speaks candidly to straight men, gay men, lovers, partners, and wives. Drawing on fascinating case histories, board certified urologist Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff uses straightforward, easy-to-understand terms to offer a meticulous examination of the essentials of male sexual health, arousal, and anatomy.

Written for men of all ages, this book dispels common male myths and provides nonjudgmental, practical, safe advice for banishing stress from the bedroom and making sex fun again. Whether readers are looking to improve their genital health, last longer, or overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), this guide will help them determine the fundamental causes of male problems using methods that fit their lifestyle and health profile.

If you are bored in the bedroom, struggling with the challenges of getting older, or even overcoming cancer or a heart condition, there is a solution. The first step is learning more about how the penis works—including the impact a man’s mind can have on his performance.

This revolutionary guide will give men the confidence and ability to perform sexually in any situation at any age.

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