Fact Sheet


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THE PENIS IS NOT A MUSCLE. The only muscles in the penis are the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. Despite the colloquial term for an erection—a “boner”—there are no bones in the penis. (29)

PROSTATE CANCER IS ONE OF THE MOST SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY. More than two hundred thousand cases are detected each year in the United States alone. Fortunately, prostate cancer is not the kiss of death for your sex life. Da Vinci robotic nerve-sparing prostatectomy both cures the cancer and maintains normal erectile function. (66)

A POWERFUL CONNECTION EXISTS BETWEEN HOW MEN PERCEIVE THEIR PENISES AND HOW THEY PERCEIVE THEMSELVES. A man who likes his penis and has confidence in his organ also has trust and confidence in himself. Conversely, a man who distrusts or resents his penis and is insecure about its size or ability to perform tends to have poor self-esteem. It is not clear which comes first, the self-image or the penis image. For the majority of men, penis power is 99 percent between the ears and 1 percent between the legs. The power of positive thinking is what counts. (5)

WHEN IT COMES TO SUPERPOTENCY, HOT WEATHER IS BETTER THAN COLD. That is why most couples honeymoon in Hawaii and not the Klondike. It is not only the seductive ambience of tropical flowers, scented air, and hula dancers but also the physical effects of the climate, which are more conducive to penis power. (156)

SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPENS TO WOMEN DURING MENOPAUSE, FOR MEN OVER FORTY, TESTOSTERONE LEVELS START TO FALL AT AN AVERAGE OF ABOUT 1 PERCENT PER YEAR. As a result, physicians have increased the number of testosterone replacement prescriptions at an enormous rate. Pharmaceutical statistics indicate a 500 percent increase in the use of testosterone products in the elderly and middle-aged population, promoting the hopes of turning potbellies into lean six-packs, fragile bones into pillars of strength, and grumpy old men into enthusiastic Lotharios. (128–129)

THE AVERAGE LENGTH OF INTERCOURSE FOR MEN WITH PREMATURE EJACULATION (PE) IS UNDER TWO MINUTES. For men with normal ejaculatory response, it is somewhere between seven and a half and nine minutes. (57)

THE PENIS IS ONE OF THE BODY’S MOST DURABLE ORGANS. IT CANNOT BE WORN OUT WITH TOO MUCH SEX. There is no predetermined number of orgasms, no quota of erections or ejaculations, and no upper limit that can’t be exceeded. It can be bent, twisted, beaten, whacked, squeezed, and pulled, all with great vigor and virtually without fear of injury. In reality, the skin is the most vulnerable part of the penis. (151)

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