Q & A

Q&A with Dr. Dudley Danoff

1.      Isn’t it true that what most women want is a man with a really large penis?

During my practice lifetime, I have seen more penises than could fill the Rose Bowl. I have also spoken with many of the women “attached” to those penises. Never once have I had a woman ask me, “Dr. Danoff, can you make my man’s penis longer, fatter, or wider?” They have asked me if I could make it a little firmer—or if I could attach it to a nicer guy.

2.      Was Freud right that women have penis envy?

Women have penis curiosity, not penis envy. Men have penis envy.

3.      Why did you write this book?

Most men (and almost all women) are woefully ignorant about the penis and the male sexual apparatus in general. This is sad because men are “penocentric.” In many respects the penis is the organ of a man’s essence. It is the axis around which the male body and personality rotate. Men are the same in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom, living room, or factory.

4.      What is the truth about penis enlargement?

Phalloplasty, or penis “enlargement,” cannot be done. All surgical attempts to enlarge the penis end in disaster. Phalloplasty is unlike a breast implant or a rhinoplasty (nose job) because the penis is an organ that can grow ten times in size from its flaccid state to its fully erect state. There is no material or technique that can permanently enlarge or enhance the penis without serious deformity.

5.      What is the real secret men should know about their penises?

For most men, penis problems are 99 percent between the ears and 1 percent between their legs. The majority of men have perfectly normal apparatuses. The power of positive thinking is what counts for penis power (except in some rare medical exceptions).

6.      What factor is most likely to interfere with sexual function?

Few factors have a more chilling effect on sex than anxiety.

7.      Is too much sex unhealthy?

No! Sex is good for your health—cardiovascular, physiological—and your mood. Penis use is a natural tranquilizer, so don’t be afraid to use yours responsibly.

8.      Should men be concerned about overusing or injuring the penis?

Your penis cannot be worn out. It is one of the body’s most durable organs. It can be bent, twisted, beaten, whacked, squeezed, and pulled, all with great vigor and virtually without fear of injury. In reality, the skin is the most vulnerable part of the penis.

9.      What do you say to men who are facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is not the kiss of death for your sex life. Many effective treatment options are available for prostate cancer, including advanced technologies such as the Da Vinci robotic nerve-sparing prostatectomy, which both cures the cancer and maintains normal erectile function.

10.    We see endless television ads for pills that will make men more potent. How safe are they?

The “magic pills” (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra) are not dangerous when properly used. They are performance enhancers—that is, they’re not drugs of desire but rather drugs of capacity. They are essentially vasodilators (increasing blood flow to the vessels of the penis). There are some rare exceptions when the drugs cannot be taken, for example, with nitroglycerin (for patients with coronary artery disease commonly known as angina).

11.    Why does it sometimes seem as if the penis has a mind of its own?

Your penis reflects your personality. It is a more accurate barometer of who you are at any particular moment than your own conscious assessment.


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