The Book


In his many years of experience as a practicing urologist, Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff has learned that most men (and women) know very little about the penis and how it functions. When men have problems in the bedroom, they assume the cause is medical and worry that the issue is permanent.

The truth is that most penis-related problems aren’t physical and can be resolved by changing the way you think.

In this comprehensive, straightforward guide, Dr. Danoff will help you determine the fundamental cause of your problem so that you can improve your sex life safely, using methods that fit your lifestyle and health profile. Dr. Danoff’s book includes the following:

  • Straightforward information about common male sexual problems
  • Exercises and lifestyle changes for improving sexual control and confidence
  • Instructions on how to achieve a healthy and active sex life
  • Options for addressing physical problems and health-related issues

Whether you are overcoming cancer or a heart condition, struggling with the challenges of getting older, or feeling just plain bored in the bedroom, there is a solution.

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You can have a great sex life at any age. The first step is learning more about how your penis works—including the impact your mind can have on your performance. Order The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health now.

Will Dr. Danoff’s Book Help Me?

Absolutely. The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health is for men (and women) of any age who have something preventing them from having a full, happy, and healthy sex life. Whether you are newly sexually active or have been for some time, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health can help you identify the cause of your problem and learn how to reverse it.

Don’t let embarrassment, shame, illness or age rob you of the joy that comes from performing well in the bedroom. Any man at any age or stage of life can be superpotent. Dr. Danoff’s book will show you how. Order The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health now.