As a practicing urologist, I have been privy to the intimate details of hundreds of thousands of patients’ lives. I have analyzed their physical health, their mental health, their business life, and their social life. In addition, colleagues, friends, and family members have taken advantage of my professional status to discuss their sex lives.

Over time and after many, many conversations, I have come to develop a profile of a special personality that is worthy of its own chapter in my book: the Superpotent Man.

Superpotency is a birthright. It should be seen as the natural state of affairs, not as an exception. Every man can learn to harness its power. Every man can reap its great rewards.

As I describe the attributes that define the Superpotent Man, you might find yourself thinking, “I can’t be like that. I’ll never be that kind of guy.” In response, I can only say: “Nonsense!”  This is just the kind of negative thinking that prevents you from expressing all of your potential. By the time you finish reading my book, you should be well on your way.

What is Superpotency?

Superpotency is a process that begins with thinking positively about yourself, your penis, and your sexuality.

You probably know some Superpotent Men.  They command attention.  They fill the room and turn heads. They are magnetic. Strong and confident men view them with admiration and respect. Weaker men are awestruck or intimidated by them.

People recognize an inherent power in these types of men—a power that emanates from something greater than money, prestige, or looks. Many tend to be attracted to these individuals, both physically and mentally.  When people are in the market for sex or romance, Superpotent Men are top candidates. They have that certain “something.” You might call it presence. You might call it sex appeal. You might just call it “It.”

I call it Penis Power™.

Penis Power™ is not about looks or status. It is especially not about penis size. Superpotent men are not necessarily handsome. They do not have to be hunks, and they would not necessarily pass an audition for a beefcake calendar.

There are handsome men with Penis Power™ and handsome men without it. The same is true for the guys who people may think are unattractive. The guy who has both looks and superpotency has a lot going for him. But between a handsome man without it and a homely man with it, the latter of the two will attract more partners and will lead a more satisfying life.

More about this in my next post…