In my last post, I introduced the concept of superpotency. Today, I’ll get into more detail by providing examples and explaining how you can achieve superpotency yourself.

Famous Superpotent Men

Take a look at some of the famous movie stars who are considered sexy, even though they are not blessed with good looks. Look at the French actor Gerard Depardieu and the American actor Owen Wilson. They are both average looking men with doughy faces and oversized noses. Yet there is no denying their sex appeal.

I do not know either of them, but I would be willing to wager they possess abundant Penis Power™, and not just because of their celebrity lifestyle.

How about Jack Nicholson? He is balding and pot-bellied and has wild eyebrows and a face no Greek sculptor would use as a model. But he has something that women and men find irresistible.

There is also the famous example of the film producer Carlo Ponti. Forty years ago, he was a small, bald, ordinary-looking man. He was the last man you would expect to see with a gorgeous, talented, voluptuous, sexy woman. To everyone’s surprise, Ponti married the most desired woman in the world at that time—Sophia Loren. And she stayed married to him.

Superpotency is Not About Looks

On the flip side, there are many examples of gorgeous hunks who satisfy every aesthetic criterion but who do not arouse attention. These men are not necessarily sexy.

I remember one day when a patient walked into my office. He was an incredible physical specimen—a professional athlete with a body of solid muscle and a face you would expect to see on the cover of GQ.

I assumed he was the kind of guy who had girls falling at his feet. So I teased the women in my office by asking which ones would like to meet him. There were no takers. I was shocked and surprised when one of the women explained, “It’s all on the outside. He just doesn’t have it.”

These stories demonstrate that superpotency is not about looks. If you develop the self-confidence and strength that is the foundation of Penis Power™, you will find that you look much better in your mind’s eye.

Any man who desires this power will take responsibility for his physical appearance by maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy regimen of exercise. Ultimately, by making the necessary changes in lifestyle and perspective, those physical attributes that may have been a source of self-doubt in the past will suddenly have more appeal.

Superpotency Is Not About Success or Wealth

Superpotent men tend to be relatively successful in their chosen fields because their personal qualities foster achievement. However, being a man of wealth and status does not qualify you as superpotent.

I cannot deny the fact that many people are attracted to rich and powerful men just because they are rich and powerful. But the appeal of wealth and status is a superficial appeal and, nine times out of ten, this superficiality does not translate into genuine qualities worthy of admiration.

Once the fancy car is parked in its Beverly Hills garage, the $3,000 suit is hung in the closet, and the silk underwear is removed, the rich man might be much less potent than the struggling artist in a garret or the assembly line worker in his tract home.

Penis Power™ comes from within.

The only form of abundance that really counts is an attitude of abundance—an attitude of self-confidence and control toward oneself and one’s sexuality.

My patients and acquaintances are some of the richest and most influential people in the world. Many of these men have true Penis Power™. A far greater number have power in their offices, but they are plagued by penis weakness. They have personal insecurities in their minds and in the rest of their lives, especially at home. At the same time, I know ordinary men who lead humble lives and yet are superpotent from head to toe.

I hope that all men and women will come to see that Penis Power™ does not derive from owning mansions, yachts, and jewels, or by driving Bentleys and buying expensive bottles of champagne at nightclubs. Penis Power emanates from the heart and soul of a man. It is far more valuable than the costliest luxury. In a word, it is priceless.

Penis Power Is About Inner Qualities

The most important point to take away from this discussion is that you are in control of your penis and your sexual destiny. The primary characteristics of a Superpotent Man are within the reach of every man.