Superpotent men do not succumb to the debilitating power of anxiety or depression, and that confidence includes the bedroom. They often find themselves in situations that other men may find inhibiting, such as being with an aggressive sexual partner, or someone who prefers unusual sexual practices.

To a man with P.W., these might be stressful situations that elicit fear and self-doubt.  But for the superpotent man, they are challenges, and he responds to them like an athlete who is up against a worthy opponent (or one who has teamed up with a great partner). New and unusual sexual situations bring out the best in him.

How does the superpotent man keep his cool?

Positive Thinking

Practicing a superpotent attitude can improve sexual performance.  The superpotent attitude is, “My penis is my friend. What’s good for him is good for me. He never lets me down.”

If you start to feel anxious in a sexual scenario, turn that feeling into positive energy. You can convert that anxious, edgy feeling into stimulation and become even more aroused.

Nothing is more debilitating to sexual satisfaction than anxiety and depression. Even though depression is known to diminish sexual desire and responsiveness, it is not inevitable. The emotional contours of a man’s life do not have to interfere with his sexuality. Even a superpotent man is vulnerable to the occasional “situational depression.” Every man is vulnerable to the worries and fears that afflict all people at one time or another. If you have faith in yourself, develop a healthy method for dealing with your emotions, and learn how to extract the positive elements from every experience, you will climb out of depressions quickly and convert your worries into effective action.

To put it simply:

To become a man of penis power, you must develop the capacity to prevent negative emotions from impeding your ability to achieve

an erection.

You cannot let the stress of your outside life intrude into the bedroom. If you are depressed, rest assured that your penis will also be depressed.

Practicing the Superpotent Attitude

You should now have a clear understanding of the chief characteristics of superpotent men. Superpotent men are not all shaped by the same cookie cutter. They are tall and short, plain and handsome, young and old, rich and poor. Their penises are big, small, and average. They have sex all the time, frequently, or just occasionally. They are bold and aggressive, coy and self-effacing. They like blondes, brunettes, or redheads, dark women or pale, tall or short, buxom or slim.  They prefer the missionary position or sitting up or the canine way or with their partner on top—or all of the above. They like sex in the morning, at night, in the afternoon, or at all times of day.

Penis Power and superpotency is defined by who you are and how you choose to control your life. Discovering your Penis Power does not come from imitating someone else or from living up to a hypothetical standard set by an external source. It comes from examining the aspects of your personality, relationships, and self-image that you want to improve and by making those needed changes.

Penis Power™ is about self-understanding and self-expression, and most of all it is about realizing your full potential. There are an infinite number of ways to express it. Your way is as good as anyone else’s. The important thing is to harness that power and use it to extract the most pleasure from your entire life—inside and outside of the bedroom.

The first step to developing a superpotent attitude is to remember that self-doubt, and the penis weakness it creates, is a temporary sickness that can only be cured by your own willpower.

I can say this for certain because I’ve seen it. I’ve known patients to become superpotent after learning a few facts and getting a simple pep talk. They readjust their attitudes, about themselves and their penises. They adopt positive personality traits and reject the old, negative traits that were holding them back.

After that, they’re off and running with great results almost immediately.

Of course, not everyone’s situation improves immediately. Some men have to work at it for some time, or use specific procedures I describe in my book.

But the one thing that almost all men need is the penis education they should have received when they became men.