The saddest part of PW is that millions of men, as well as their partners, are depriving themselves of full sexual satisfaction. Nothing is more wonderful than the free and uninhibited expression of sexuality. Nothing is more glorious than the joyful sharing of physical pleasure between two generous, enthusiastic human beings. The current plague of confusion and self-consciousness causes most men to have less sex than they would like. And they enjoy the sex they do have a lot less.

Sex should be a fun and relaxing part of life, not a chore. It is life’s cheapest luxury. For too many men and women it has become a worrisome task—a source of tension, a burden. It is as if sex is a problem to solve or a test they have to take. Sex should be a simple, natural pleasure that erases worries, tensions, and burdens.

As the product of one of the best medical educations our country can offer, and as a urologist with a busy practice, I want to drive home the message that using your penis for the purpose nature intended is not only one of life’s great pleasures, but is also good for your health in general.

How Sex is Good for Your Health

If you’re a man, using your penis is good for your cardiovascular health, your mood, and for your psychological well-being.

Don’t believe me?

Penis use is a natural tranquilizer with no bad side effects. Men who are frustrated sexually tend to be tense and irritable. They often seem angry at the world. Men who are sexually satisfied and feel good about themselves as sexual beings tend to have a positive outlook and have a warm glow of health.

Sex is also a beneficial physical exercise, and is excellent for overall fitness. It benefits circulation, stimulates the nervous system and the prostate gland, and clears up mental “cobwebs” by invigorating the whole body.

Contrary to certain myths, you cannot wear out your penis with sexual activity. There is not a preset allotment of orgasms. I will sum up my judgment on the vigorous exercise of the penis with the childhood ditty that goes, “Use it, use it, you cannot abuse it, and if you don’t, you’re gonna lose it.”

A word of caution: as a physician who has treated numerous AIDS and HIV patients and who has seen many of them die, I would be the last person to advise anyone to turn back the clock to a less-troubled time. It is sexually dangerous out there. If you are careful and use discretion, there is no reason that the tragic AIDS epidemic should inhibit responsible adults who are aware of the risks involved in various practices and who understand what it means to use sound judgment and the necessary means of prevention.

Get Comfortable with Your Body

The purpose of my book is to help men upgrade the quality of their lives by fully expressing their sexuality. There is no need to resort to esoteric sexual techniques, aphrodisiacs, or new discoveries about erogenous zones (although it cannot hurt to do a little research into these topics if you’re interested).

The real secret to Penis Power™ is embodied in a very simple premise:

If you become absolutely at ease with your penis, the quality of your life will dramatically change for the better.

My goal with Penis Power™ is to destroy penis weakness in all its forms: chronic or occasional, actual or imagined. I hope to eliminate self-doubt and inhibition.

In the pursuit of this goal, my book will demystify the penis. It will erase all the mythology that surrounds it, and will empower men to enjoy every ounce of pleasure that this wonderful organ was intended to give. All of this information will help men have a better understanding and greater control in their sexual and romantic relationships.

To be continued in Part II…