Ask Dr. Danoff

I am often asked important questions about sexual health that many men are too self-conscious to consult friends and family about. Are you the kind of man who doesn’t like shelling out for a visit to the doctor unless your health concern is really serious? Try sending your questions in to me—as an experienced urologist [...]

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New Guidelines for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Older Men

Mainstream urologists have long known that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is vastly—and dangerously—overprescribed. According to an evidence-based clinical practice guideline recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians should prescribe testosterone for men with age-related low testosterone only to treat sexual dysfunction. The evidence does not support prescribing TRT for men with concerns about low [...]

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How Much Do You Know about Man’s Favorite Organ?

Most people have a pretty good idea how the heart works, where the lungs and kidneys are located, and what happens to food as it works its way through the digestive system. But nearly half of the human bodies in the world have this odd-looking appendage dangling between their legs, and most people know nothing [...]

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Maybe Elvis Was on to Something: Pelvic Control

If you have control of your pelvis, your sexual organs will function more creatively and dynamically. Sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, and similar exercises will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. More to the point, I advise working on the flexibility of the pelvic region itself. Lucien Martin, a chiropractor in Los Angeles, [...]

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Exercise and Caffeine: A One-Two Punch for a Better Love Life

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles showed that men who exercise more have better erectile and sexual function. In a related study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, caffeine intake was associated with reduced levels of erectile dysfunction—that is, men [...]

Romance Is Not Just for the Young: Seven Ways to Stay Sexy as You Age

An ageless love life begins with a confident approach toward romance. I cannot reiterate this point enough: attitude is the key to a long and healthy love life. My patients tell me that intimacy with their special someone gives them as much joy at seventy as it did at twenty. Some say it is even [...]

Don’t Let Performance Anxiety Hold You Back

I have witnessed an increased development of performance anxiety over the last forty years. It is worth analyzing the social conditions that have created this outbreak. One could argue that men have always struggled with this condition. It could also be argued that the increase in recent years is only because men today feel more [...]

Fight Testicular Cancer with Self-Exams

Testicular cancer, which affects mainly younger men, is relatively rare. This form of cancer is the most easily treated of all tumors in the genitourinary system. Just a few decades ago, more than 90 percent of patients with certain types of testicular cancer did not survive five years. Today, a majority of cases are curable. [...]

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