In my last post, I talked about sex being a good form of stress relief. Men who occasionally or chronically suffer from PW sometimes put too much pressure on themselves to perform to a certain standard. I want to reiterate in this post that understanding PW and the penis is not just for men.

Penis Power™ is for Women, Too

My book will also help women become experts in the nurturing and care of the penises in their lives. It will empower them with the information to understand the men they look to for their own satisfaction.

Superpotency: Achieving Maximum Satisfaction

Used properly, the lessons in Penis Power™, and on this blog, will help you become superpotent. This does not mean you will have a King Kong–like erection for a week straight. Nor does it imply you will become some stereotypical stud.

I do not define superpotency according to arbitrary standards of frequency, endurance, or technique. That would be self-defeating. It would intimidate men more than they are already and would increase self-doubt and penis weakness.

The concept of Penis Power™ means achieving maximum enjoyment and satisfaction for both you and your partner, as determined by your own standards, desires, and tastes.

Penis Power™ means harnessing the full potential of your penis by treating it with all the respect and appreciation it deserves. This will do more for a man’s self-esteem than a year’s worth of self-help workshops. It will do more for the sorry state of sexual relationships than any talk show, how-to video, or any program found on television today.

My message is simple:

  • Your penis is as big as you think it is; if you think big, you are big.
  • Your penis behaves the way you tell it to, and you can learn how to control it.
  • You are as potent as you think you are.
  • You are okay, and your penis is okay.

It is important to acknowledge that a minority of men have medical conditions that impede the normal sexual function of their penis. With today’s medical advancements, we can help them overcome many of these organic penile infirmities.

It is important to be aware of the conditions that impair your ability, as well as other physical factors that can affect your penis. Unless you are one of those exceptions, you do not need specialized medical care. You do not need intensive psychotherapy. What you need are facts. You need a basic lesson in Penis 101.

To become the man you want to be, to live the rest of your life as a superpotent man, all you need is a change in attitude and some information on how to improve your sexual functioning.