Penis size is a source of stress and worry for many men.  Popular culture’s obsession with penis size, and the widespread availability of pornography, creates unrealistic expectations and a skewed perspective on what it means to be normal.  Penis size myths lead many men to believe that they are too small to satisfy.

Once I assure my patients that their penises are within the normal range, I stress this crucial point: Superpotency has nothing to do with the size of your penis.
When a superpotent man makes love, he is totally immersed in the erotic physical sensations, as well as the emotional feelings of intimacy and tenderness. The last thing on his mind, or on the mind of his lover, is the size of his penis.

Large Penises Are No Guarantee of Good Sex

I have seen men with larger-than-average penises who are plagued by sexual dysfunction. I have seen men with relatively small penises who represent the quintessence of superpotency.

I have been dealing with patients and their wives and lovers for many years. I have never had a woman complain to me that her man’s penis was too small. It is conceivable that some women make such complaints to their gynecologists or to female physicians. In my experience, a prodigious penis is simply not a priority for the vast majority of women. My female colleagues agree with me.

A much more common complaint is that a lover’s penis is too big. Intercourse can be painful for a woman whose vagina cannot accommodate a large penis. This is why I have never had a woman request that I make her man’s penis longer or wider. However, some women have asked me if I can make it harder, or perhaps attach it to a more loving and sensitive guy.

Generally, when women do make a comment about their man’s penis, they usually ask me about the feasibility of surgically reducing the size.

Can Surgery Change the Size of Your Penis?

Sorry, no.  There is no such procedure to decrease penis size, just as there is no legitimate and safe procedure to make penises bigger. Penile prostheses, which I often implant surgically to treat organic impotence, do not enlarge the penis. They merely fill the vascular compartments (corpora) in the penis with a firm, inert material that makes the penis firm enough for penetration.

What the majority of men and women do not understand is that size is determined by heredity.

What Women Want

From my experience, what most women care about above all else is finding a man with whom they have a special and intimate connection. They seek someone who can achieve an erection that can last long enough for mutual satisfaction. The rest of the details are insignificant.

The old homily, “It’s not how big it is, but how you use it,” is one of those penis clichés that holds up to close scrutiny. Many of my women patients complain that their man does not get aroused often enough. They complain that he is not imaginative enough. They complain that his penis does not get hard enough. A female patient of mine, a true sage said: “I don’t care how long it is, I don’t care how fat it is, I don’t care how good-looking it is. I just care how hard it is!”

What women really care about is the size of your heart and the kindness in your soul. They want a good, caring, responsive lover who is sensitive to their needs and desires. If a woman sees all of these things in her partner, then the physical details, including penis size, become unimportant.

Some women discuss penis size with their friends. Others may fantasize about men with enormous members. It would be wrong for me to claim that some women do not have preferences for certain types of penises. There are women who have certain physical requirements that are necessary for their sexual satisfaction, and there are also some women who are obsessed with penis size. This is a truth that cannot be denied.

The reality of most relationships is that two people who care enough about being with each other will find ways to make their sex lives work so that both parties are satisfied in all aspects of that relationship.

Part Two of this post will be published next Wednesday.