Part I of this post examined size myths. But you’re probably wondering:

Why the Fascination with Large Penises?

Some of the fascination with large penises can be attributed to the general cultural viewpoint that “bigger is better.” The phallus is a symbol of potency, physical strength, and masculinity. It makes sense that, psychologically, some people conclude that bigger penises are better.

The fascination with large penises is not unlike a man’s attraction to large breasts or a shapely behind. Finding someone with those features might enhance the sexual experience because it fulfills a fantasy, not because women with large breasts are better in bed or have more hospitable vaginas.

Physiologically and anatomically, what occurs during intercourse has nothing to do with the size of any body part. The orgasm is exactly the same regardless of the physical features of the partner. What may seem like something different is actually a result of the power of the mind and the emotions.

A woman with an exceptionally large vagina and a man with a very small penis might be sexually incompatible. I know of such a couple. The woman was nearly a foot taller than the man. They were hopelessly in love but dissatisfied sexually. They believed his penis was the wrong size for her vagina. Through experimentation they learned to adjust their positions and angles during intercourse. They varied their sexual practices so that eventually both of them were more than content.

Why Doesn’t Size Matter?

There are sound physiological reasons why size does not contribute much to satisfaction. Nature, in its wisdom, has placed the principal nerve endings that produce sexual pleasure and orgasm right up front. By this grand design, they can be stimulated regardless of size.

The man’s areas are on the head of the penis, and the woman’s are on the clitoris. This means that any penis is capable of satisfying any woman. By experimenting with different positions, and by using hands, lips, or even by using the penis to stimulate the clitoris directly, any man can secure satisfaction for his partner.

Different women are aroused in different ways. I have talked to women who complained that even though their man was endowed with a large penis, they were still unable to be satisfied during sex. It is important for any sexually intimate couple to discuss their preferences and to experiment with different positions. Combining penile stimulation with the simultaneous aid of hands and lips is also a great way to help bring a partner to orgasm.

Some of you at this point are probably shaking your heads. I have to ask you: is the issue with penis size truly of a physical nature, or is it the product of a cultural and psychological point of view?

I know what kind of penises are out there. I feel safe in saying that most of the issue with penis size is between our ears, in our minds, and not between our legs.

Sex is a unique and intimate experience. Partners who are willing to communicate with each other and work together can learn to do the right things to make both parties happy.