The power of the mind has the most significant influence over sexuality. The only advantage a man with a large penis might have is if he thinks he has an advantage.  The myth of the importance of penis size is so strong that, if a man thinks he is exceptionally big, he might start acting big. He might develop such a strong sense of confidence and penis pride early in life that this alone, not the actual size of his penis, might endow him with exceptional Penis Power.

Far more men think they are too small. The exact opposite self-fulfilling prophecy takes place. Men who think they are small start acting small.  This usually starts at puberty, when boys start to be self-conscious about everything associated with masculinity:

Am I tall enough?
Am I strong enough?
Do I have pubic and underarm hair?
Is my penis big enough?

Most boys are so insecure that they magnify any sign of inadequacy they perceive. They compare themselves to older boys or men, or to peers who happen to mature faster. They end up convinced they do not measure up. They look down and see a puny, shriveled gherkin, then look across the locker room at someone else’s dangling zucchini. They feel inferior.

These comparisons don’t end with adolescence, either. Sometimes they even gets worse. If men hang around with guys who brag—or more likely, lie—about the size of their erections, or tell jokes that leave the impression that a small penis is tantamount to being effeminate, the crisis of confidence may worsen.

Watching pornographic movies makes things even worse. Whoever produces those films must have an open casting call for men with exceptionally large members. Then they use all sorts of lighting and camera tricks to make them look even bigger.

Many men feel worse about penis size as they age because they think their penises are shrinking. Men start to gain weight, and the added layers of abdominal fat obscure the base of the penis, which used to be visible. This is why chubby men may appear to have small penises—especially in their own eyes—because they are looking down over a potbelly.

Conversely, it explains why slim men appear to have big ones. There is no significant difference in size, especially when the penis is erect. In obese men, the shaft of the penis has to traverse two, three, or four inches of prepubic fat from under the pubic bone, where the base of the penis starts, until it is visible.

A man who does not learn the truth about penis size can be adversely affected by thinking his is too small. This sense of inadequacy can persist throughout his adult life. It manifests itself as self-doubt, which can have detrimental effects on his penis behavior. He thinks he is inadequate anatomically, so he must also be inadequate in performance. Of course, that very inadequacy will then be reflected in his behavior, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Think small and you will be small.

Fortunately, this corollary is equally true:

Think big and you will be big.

What really matters are the size of your self-esteem and the size of your heart, not the size of your penis. Even if penis size did matter, there is nothing you can do about it. Size is strictly determined genetically.  If you can’t change it, why worry about it?

The best answer to the question, “How big is your penis?” is, “Plenty big enough!”